Thursday, February 17, 2011


Hi Everyone! Its already February of the new year I can't believe it! The last time I blogged was right before Halloween so in the last couple of months here is what has been going on in our busy lives! First of all I am 22 weeks pregnant with Abbie:) Yay one of each! She will be joining our little family around June 22, (I'm hoping its sooner but we all know how that goes!). We had a great Christmas with both families. We went to Tyson's parents cabin on Christmas Eve and stayed until Christmas afternoon then left to come to my family. To get to Tyson's cabin you have to snowmobile in during the winter, its crazy but its fun! We stayed home for New Years and this last weekend we went to St. George. It was so nice we didn't want to come home! Gage loves the swimming pool it is his most favorite thing! He would live in the water if we would let him:) Here is a few pictures of the last couple months!:)

Gage in his Lightning McQueen race car he got for his birthday 

The Deer Hunt October 2010 Tyson got this buck. Gage thought it was
the coolest thing ever! We had to make trips to the garage to look at it:)

My little dalmatian! Halloween 2010

The Widdison Cousins, L to R: Treyden & Ashlynn (Skylar and Traci's)
Keegan, Ryder was not in the picture (Ryan and Kelsie's)
Gage! look at that face lol
Tanner (James and Tasha's) I didn't have a better one of them all.

The Garden Restaurant for my Birthday. We to Salt Lake ate at the garden walked Temple square,
and stayed over at the Marriott. It's fun having an early December birthday!

Our Christmas Eve Tradition cooking scout dinners on a fire
above Tyson's Parents Cabin!

Tyson and I how cute!

Ice Fishing on Strawberry 2010. Gage loves fish! so does his Daddy:)
Waiting game.

Gage wanted to throw the fish back, it was so cute to see the two of them

After Fishing.

First picture with my new camera! Gage is so so cute!

Gage at the Cabin.

Gage waiting patiently to open some of his Christmas Presents.

Christmas morning at the cabin. His snake and gun! He had such a good Christmas!

Just us! 

Baby Abbie:)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Our Family

Hi everyone! This is Tyson, Brittanie, and Gage Widdison! We are excited for Halloween and to go trick-or-treating this year now that Gage is 2!  He is going to be a dalmatian along with his 5 other cousins:) His birthday was on October 6, and he had two fun parties! We hope to get some cute pictures on wednesday night when we go trunk-or-treating in Charleston.  We have done a lot of fun things so far this year! Pictures are more fun to look at then reading all about it!

my little guy in my headband! so cute
my moms family cabin
Gage in Yellowstone! his first trip 
Family picture in Yellowstone July 2010
We stopped in Jackson Hole on our way home from Yellowstone. I think everyone has a picture here!
Summer Jumpin'
We were washing cars today...
The only fish Tyson caught in Yellowstone
Lake Powell September 2010
Tyson's Family Lake Powell 2010
Lake Powell
Boys will be Boys:)
Gage is such a water boy he loves to go swimming anywhere anytime!
Close up, and yes he is eating jerky
The biggest load of wood we got all year! The date today was 10-10-10 pretty cool!